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Frack Free Isle Constitution

1. Name Of Organisation 

The name of the organisation will be Frack Free Isle (FFI). 

2. Aims And Objectives 

Our overall aim is to

  • prevent unconventional oil and gas exploration and extraction taking place in the Isle of Axholme
  • support Isle residents, landowners and businesses whose well being and/or livelihood are threatened by unconventional oil and gas exploration and extraction
  • work co-operatively with other local, national and global organisations with similar aims.

We aim to be non party political and welcoming to all members of Isle communities.

3. Governance  

FFI shall have an Annual General Meeting (AGM) at intervals of no more than 15 months and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) as and when necessary for the furthering of our Aims and Objectives.

FFI shall function as an open, transparent and democratic organisation and will form committees when necessary. Decisions will be taken by the organising group using a process of consensus, except on the issue of Dissolution as specified in paragraph 8.

FFI will hold open meetings as required.

FFI Organising Group.  The facilitator will be a rotating post, who will facilitate meetings and ensure the efficient and inclusive flow of business and discussion at the meetings. A keeper of the record, a keeper of the time and a keeper of the heart will be chosen at each meeting. When necessary and appropriate, the organising group will appoint a member to act as spokesperson for the organisation.

The AGM will choose officers to act as an executive between meetings, to carry forward decisions taken; deal with press, publicity and correspondence; and respond to events. Any emergency decisions taken will be reported to and ratified by the membership.

4. Membership

Membership of Frack Free Isle is open to all residents of the Isle of Axholme, as defined by the wards of Axholme North, Central and South, who oppose unconventional oil & gas exploration and extraction and the use of hydraulic fracturing on the Isle.  The organising group may invite persons not resident in the Isle of Axholme to join the organisaiton as and when appropriate.  The process of becoming a member involves the providing of your name and contact details to a member of the organising group who will then ensure they are entered on a membership database.  This will enable members to be kept fully informed of events.

The organising group will be drawn from the membership list.

5. Finance. 

All the monies raised by FFI shall be applied to further the aims and objectives of the organisation. 

The keeper of the funds shall keep proper accounts of the finance of FFI and shall maintain a bank account.  

The organisation shall bank at a place suitable for access for the keeper of the funds. 

Two signatures from a stated list of up to four shall be required to withdraw money from the organisation’s account.  

Members may be reimbursed agreed expenses incurred whilst undertaking approved (by the organising group) business on behalf of FFI. Any expense over £50 must be agreed by the organising group. 

The organising group will ensure that all accounts are independently examined at the end of each year. 

6. Powers 

In order to achieve its aims the organisation may: 

Raise money 

Open bank accounts 

Work with similar organisations and exchange information and advice. 

Do anything, which is within the law, which helps to fulfill its aims. 

7. Alterations to the Constitution 

Any changes to this constitution must be agreed by consensus of those present at the AGM, or an EGM called for that purpose.

8. Dissolution 

Frack Free Isle may be wound up at any time if agreed by two-thirds of those members present and voting at the AGM, or an EGM specially called for that purpose. In the event of winding up, any assets, after debts have been paid, shall be given to another organisation with similar aims. For this purpose, a quorum will be required of 75% of the membership of the organisation.

9. Adoption of the Constitution.

Until the first AGM takes place the persons whose names, addresses and signatures appear at the bottom of this document shall act as the Organising Group referred to in this constitution. 

10. This constitution was adopted on  


(C) Frack Free Isle (2015) All rights reserved.

Frack Free Isle Constitution

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