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News: Green Peace Petition: Don't silence Lancashire

Text from the Green Peace site:

"Earlier this year, Lancashire council said a resounding NO to the fracking industry. But now, in a move that makes a mockery out of local democracy, Westminster politicians have announced they will 'call in' the council's decision. The final say now lies with one man -- Greg Clark. As the minister who oversees our councils, the decision will land on his desk. It's Greg Clark's job to champion the voices of local democracy and in the past he's called on council leaders to "take power" back from central government. This could one of the biggest decisions he will make in his time in office, so please join us in asking him to respect Lancashire's right to say no to shale gas.

Sign the petition to Greg Clark MP, the minister in charge of local government"

Click here to sign the petition.

We've had to promote this petition in this roundabout fashion because Facebook has deemed the link unsafe - it isn't - and won't let us link to it directly.

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