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News: Isle of Axholme Seismic Surveys

Scary fracking zombieFracking is no longer a vague bogeyman to scare your kids with, no. It's getting closer and closer right now.

Tesla, a company that is searching for suitable sites to frack, is seeking permission to carry out seismic surveys in the Isle of Axholme area.


Information Box

  • Who's doing it? Tesla Exploration International Ltd on behalf of Egdon Resources U.K. Ltd.

  • How? They'll drill holes along the routes shown on their map, drop 0.5 kilogram (1 lb) explosive charges into those holes and then detonate the explosives.

  • Why? The explosive shock waves will be recorded and analysed to see if the local geology is suitable for fracking.

  • Is it dangerous? Unlikely. But it does show that the Isle of Axholme is a target for potential fracking operations in the near future.

Click on this icon to see an enhanced image of a map, from Tesla, that shows where they want to survey for suitable fracking sites. We've added a thicker red line to emphasise where the surveying will take place.

Icon version of Tesla map

Now this map doesn't make it that easy to see what's going on so we've split out some of the local areas. Now you can see where the seismic surveys will be taking place in relation to where you live.

There's Belton:


And Burnham (Lower and Upper):


Leafy East Lound:

East Lound

The historic market town of Epworth:

Epworth Epworth West

Home of the world famous Haxey Hood:


And finally, Westwoodside:


We think you need to know about this.

We think this is just the first step to full-scale fracking in the Isle of Axholme area.

We think your elected representatives need to be looking into the impact that fracking could have on your health, quality of life and even your ability to get to work


What do YOU think about this?

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