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Soon arriving....more links and downloads to help you make up your mind about fracking and the potentail impacts it can have on your quality of life and health. Here's a few to get you started.

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The Truth Behind The Dash For Gas (60 mins, Apr 2014)

The Dash for Gas: Independence at a Price (30 mins, Jul2012)                                                      

Fracking Hell: the Untold Story (18 mins, Jan 2011)

Don't Frack our Future: the Cost of UK Fracking (15 mins, May 2015)

Fracking Nightmare in Lancashire - warnings from US & Australia (3 mins, Jun 2015)

What the Frack? The campaign in Lancashire (36 mins, Dec 2014)


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Fracking Pollution: how toxic chemicals from fracking could affect people & wildlife - CHEM Trust, Jun 2015

Shale Gas and Fracking; Examining the evidence - Scientists for Global Responsibility and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Jul 2014

Health & Fracking: The impacts and opportunity costs - Medact, 2015

Shale Gas Rural Economy Impacts - UK Government Rural Community Policy Unit, Mar 2014 (Friends of the Earth analysis, includes link to the report)

Other Resources

20 Impacts of Shale Gas

20 Impacts of Coal Bed Methane

The information posters in our display (8 links under 'Posters')

FFI Leaflets

Here are our three most recent leaflets. Click on them to display or download the contents as PDFs.


Leaflet 1 Leaflet 3 Leaflet 2
10 Reasons to oppose fracking Commonly asked questions Information for farmers

Here's a downloadable report from that takes a serious look at fracking from the perspective of the medical community. This might well be of interest to you if you're a doctor, nurse, someone with impaired health or if you're just concerned about the possible healthy impacts of fracking. If you don't have the time to read through all 35 pages then look at the executive summary, it's on page 5. DOWNLOAD

This is the link to Frack Off. A UK based group dedicated to opposing fracking and providing the public with details concerning this issue.

UK government website putting over the government's position on fracking. It might be said that the UK government is in favour of fracking

Here's a Guardian article, quoting Lord Browne, which explodes the myth that fracking will result in cheaper energy costs for UK consumers. He should know as he held the post of Chairman of Cuadrilla Resources (a leading business in the UK fracking industry) until 15 April 2015. If that's true, then you might ask why bother with fracking at all? Just a thought.

A Friends of the Earth article concerning the UK government's recent offering of a further 27 license offered up to fracking companies and the promise of a further 132 licenses to be offered later this year.


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