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What are we Fracking talking about?






What are we Fracking talking about?

What is fracking?

It's boring a hole into the Earth and then injecting a liquid at high pressure to fracture (hence fracking) the layers of rock to release gas that can be used to generate energy. It's also called hydraulic fracturing.


What are the risks?

1. Possible increased risk of seismic events like tremors and mini earthquakes.

2. Pollution risks from the spent liquids (often called Produced Water) used to frack the layers of rock poisoning our water supplies..

3. Increased road traffic - road traffic? The amount of water needed per frack is huge and requires fleets of water tankers to bring in the water and then remove the contaminated used fracking liquid.

4. Possible impact on property values.


It'll cut our power bills!

Sorry, it won't. At least not for UK energy consumers. Take a look at this link and see that even those in favour of fracking don't believe that anymore.

What have other countries decided about fracking?

Germany has effectively banned fracking by imposing laws that are focused on protecting vital drinking water supplies. Shouldn't the UK government share that view?

The French aren't too keen on fracking either. Their ban on fracking, which was made law in 2011, was unsuccessfuly challenged in 2013.

New York, in the good old US of A, has banned fracking and their decision was based on health reasons. Quote from Howard Zucker, acting Health Commisioner ay 19/01/2015: "The cumulative concerns of what I’ve read gives me reason to pause ... I asked myself, ‘would I let my family live in a community with fracking?’ The answer is no. I therefore cannot recommend anyone else’s family to live in such a community either.”



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